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We take your privacy seriously. If you’d like more details on how we collect, use, and transfer your information, please review our Privacy Policy or your Privacy Preferences.

Plex is able to provide free-to-watch movies, shows, and live TV by displaying a modest number of ads before and during playback. While it is not possible to opt out of these ads, you can opt out of the sharing of certain information which allows our partners to provide you with the most relevant advertising experience. 

If you are located in California, Colorado, Connecticut, or Virginia* and wish to opt-out:

  • Click ”No” for a particular Vendor below to opt-out of sharing personal information with that Vendor.
  • Click “All No” if you do not wish to share personal information with any Vendor.

Be sure to click “Save Preferences”.

*Opt-out functionality is currently available only for the specifically-listed U.S. states.

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