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November 11, 2022

Wanna Know Who’s in What? Welcome to Discover Credits

Movie geeks, film freaks, binge-watchers, cringe-haters, cinema lovers, soon-to-be trivia night winners; let’s all revel and rejoice! Now there’s a better way to see what films and shows your favorite actors are in, without ever leaving Plex. Introducing Discover Credits.

“Now where have I seen this person before?”

This happens to all of us (almost) all the time. It’s 3 AM on a pretty eventless Tuesday. You should be tucked in bed, ready for the grind in a few hours. But here you are, unable to stop watching Season 6 of Parks and Recreation for (probably?) the 8th time. You’re on Episode 4 and in walks the familiar face of Billy…who? What’s his name again? You look it up on Discover Credits and voila, it’s Billy Eichner (almost had that name at the tip of your tongue, didn’t you?).

That’s when your unreasonably restless brain decides you just have to find out, what was that (kind-of-okay) show he was in? A quick look at Discover Credits, and you see that it’s Friends from College (which Discover is quick to indicate that you can watch on Netflix). But then your eyes fall on Keegan-Michael Key and that takes you to the indie flick Afternoon Delight (playing free on Plex). And then you notice…nah, you get the idea.

Discover Credits is that easy-to-use and absolutely awesome upgrade that takes you on an endless journey of new discoveries (yep, really) and film facts (good and, at times, unnecessary).

Discover, Discover Credits

Click on an actor on a detail page or in the People section of search results. That’s it. You’re there. From here you can easily access:

  • Details: Short bio and social media links
  • Known for: The signature projects this person’s been involved with. Famous roles, breakthrough movies, most-awarded contributions, and so on.
  • Filmography: A list of all credited media they have been involved with, including which of their titles are available in your personal media libraries, on demand, or elsewhere via Discover—listed with the most recent first.

Actors You Recognize But Can’t Name Starter Pack

Let’s see how many of these familiar faces you can put a name to. (Answers below.)


The Cage Page

Discover Credits is also for Nicolas Cage (because what is he not in?). Simply search for him by name and find out more about every appearance he’s ever made—on Plex, or anywhere else.

Just be ready for a truly long scroll though. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Watchlist Now. Watch It Later

If you haven’t seen any of those movies yet, you can add any of them to your universal Watchlist, whenever you want. Simply click the Add to Watchlist button on the movie or show you want to save for later, including:

  • Free Movies & Shows on Plex
  • Titles from any other streaming service via Discover on Plex
  • Titles from servers you have access to
  • (Even) Unreleased movies

And, when you’re ready to watch, just look for the “Watchlist” source found easily on the sidebar of your Plex app and enjoy your dose of Nicolas Cage (or whoever your Nic Cage equivalent is).

Add to Your Watchlist
Discover Credits is now available on your Roku, Fire TV, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV and mobile, iOS, and web.

Update Your App
We’re continuing to improve. So give it a whirl, and tell us all about your Discover Credits experience/issues/wishes in the comments below or forums.

Actors you can’t recognize from top left to bottom right:
Vinnie Jones, Keith David, Eric Roberts, Bill Duke, Ciarán Hinds, Peter Stormare, William Fichtner, Rick Yune

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